Executive Summary

5 Year Strategic Plan

All Members are invited to review and comment below.

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  1. Richard B. Johnston, Jr.
    Richard B. Johnston, Jr. says:

    Very thoughtful plan, with opportunities to improve child health logically led by the senior leadership in pediatrics. I believe it is time for us to confront the relatively poor quality of American public education. Poor education clearly predicts poor health. The AAP has made a strong beginning with support for pre-K and kindergarten, but that needs to be extended through primary and secondary schools. Advocacy, collaboration, and other components of the plan would be the means for implementation.

  2. Lawrence M. Gartner, M.D.
    Lawrence M. Gartner, M.D. says:

    These are all fine goals, but I would like to have one additional category focused on expansion of pediatric knowledge through basic and clinical research. This could be chaired organizationally through collaboration with other pediatric organizations, the NIH, foundations and governmental agencies. Senior APS members could play an important role, as many already do, in working on this as representatives of APS.

  3. Gordon Klein
    Gordon Klein says:

    While I have been away from pediatrics for awhile to pursue other interests I wonder why the membership couldn’t propose multiple issues that would lend themselves to broadening perspectives by bringing in experts in non-pediatric disciplines. A good example would be new approaches to musculoskeletal conditions.

  4. Glenn Flores
    Glenn Flores says:

    Nice set of goals. One other important area that might be added as a key theme/commitment would be enhancing diversity, both in the pediatric workforce and in pediatric leadership (including the APS), given that minority children now outnumber white children in the US, but pediatric workforce, academia, and leadership diversity has not kept pace.

  5. Lawrence M. Gartner, M.D.
    Lawrence M. Gartner, M.D. says:

    These are all admirable goals, but I did not see any goals related to improvement of grant funding for pediatric investigators. APS should be interfacing with the NIH (NICHD) and many other foundations to encourage more grant funding on behalf of children’s health and development areas.

  6. Alan D. Rogol
    Alan D. Rogol says:

    Several, perhaps small points:
    1. vision as written seems that the thought leaders are children–the point is thought leaders about pediatric issues
    2. Pediatric issue of the year–perhaps too narrow a focus for it depends on how broad the “issue”. Under Advocacy it is noted that there may be more than one issue here.
    3. Advocacy–some of these strategies seem more like the tactics used to complete a strategic plan; Please define PPC the first time it is used. I’d use “multiple regions” rather than “multiple states” unless all of the groups are only state wide. The first bullet point under Goal 2 just ends abruptly
    4. Career support–my aim would be mid-level/senior since we will not have a long term pipeline unless we aim earlier than having already attained senior status

  7. Donna M Ferriero
    Donna M Ferriero says:

    Very nice! Since the Howland Awardees are such a limited pool, perhaps this could be extended to other award winners or past presidents.

  8. Thomas Scholz
    Thomas Scholz says:

    The “head, heart, and hands” approach identifies three key pillars that will strengthen the focus of our membership.

  9. Michael Cabana
    Michael Cabana says:

    Sounds like a great opportunity to have an APS Howland Awardee Visiting Professor Grant Program. It would be great to have the opportunity to learn first-hand from a visiting Howland Awardee.

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