We invite you to join APS President Michael DeBaun for the new pilot APS President Book Club, which is intended to enhance dialogue and build a sense of community among those seeking to promote child health. The selected books will address topics common in our evolving society and are meant to be discussion points for honest discourse from our community with disparate views.

Club meetings will be held via Zoom on a bi-monthly basis on the 2nd Monday of the month at 6 pm CT.


July (7/10):
A Lab of One’s Own — One Women’s Personal Journey Through Sexism in Science
Author: Rita Colwell, PhD, and Sharon Bertsch McGrayne
Moderators: Lisa Satlin and Peggy Hostetter

September (9/11):
Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents
Author: Isabel Wilkerson
Moderators: Harold Lehmann and Lisa Robinson

November (11/13):
The Deepest Well
Author: Nadine Burke Harris, MD
Moderators: Nadine Burke Harris and Tamera Coyne Beasley

January (1/8):
Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption
Author: Bryan Stevenson, JD
Moderator: Elizabeth Barnert, MD

March (3/11):
The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together
Author: Heather McGhee, JD
Moderator: Katie Plax, MD

May (5/13):
GRIT: The Power of Passion and Perseverance
Author: Angela Duckworth, PhD
Moderator: Joseph St. Geme, III, MD


  • Turn on video to allow for more interaction.
  • Mute Audio when not speaking.
  • Keep the discussion focused: While it’s natural for conversations to veer off-topic, it’s important to keep the discussion focused on the book. The moderator can gently guide the conversation back to the book if it starts to stray too far afield.
  • Create an inclusive environment: Book clubs are a great way to bring people of different backgrounds and perspectives together, but it’s important to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels respected. The moderator can set the tone by modeling respectful behavior and by intervening if any members are disrespectful or dismissive of others’ opinions.
  • APS will solicit book themes or questions at least one week before the book club date to facilitate discussion from the participants- one question or theme per participant- not all theme or questions will be addressed.
  •  Depending on the book, the moderators may decide to provide additional resources to guide the discussion, such as discussion questions, author interviews, or critical reviews. The moderator can provide these resources in advance of the meeting so that members have time to review them and bring their own questions and insights to the discussion.
  • Encourage participation: In order for the book club to be successful, it’s important that all members feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions. The moderator can encourage participation by asking open-ended questions, inviting members to share their reactions to specific passages, and creating a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued.
  • What is discussed in Book Club stays in Book Club without formal permission from the participant to discuss outside of the Book Club.
  • The Book Club discussion will not be recorded.
  • Civility and mutual respect will be the tone of the Book Club. If a participant is unruly, uncivil or rude they will be warned and if a second offense occurs, they will be dismissed and blocked from attending future book clubs.