Effective Date:   May 5, 2018

This policy shall govern all instances in which members of the American Pediatric Society (APS) wish to utilize the APS membership list (individually and collectively referred to as the “APS Membership List”).

The Membership List is only to be used for business and networking purposes. Permitted use of the APS Membership List includes members contacting other members for the purpose of research, education, presentations, educational or professional employment opportunities or any other use deemed proper by APS.

While members may contact one another for a variety of reasons, members may not use the APS Membership List to distribute personal correspondence, self-promotion of business or any other purpose deemed improper by APS.

In the event that a member is uncertain as to whether her/his proposed use of the APS Membership List would be permitted, the member shall submit a written request to the APS President and Executive Director. The APS President and Executive Director will review the request and may solicit input from APS Council and/or the APS Legal Counsel. The President or Executive Director will notify the member, in writing, whether the request was approved. APS reserves the right to make a final determination as to whether a proposed use of the Member List is proper.

Further, members may not duplicate, sell, transfer, or otherwise allow others to use the APS Membership List. All requests from non-APS member for use of the APS Membership List shall be directed to the APS’ Executive Director.