• Develop and implement effective internal and external communication strategies and programs to engage the membership and promote the APS mission.

Functions & Responsibilities:

  • Establish a joint APS and SPR Communications Committee.
  • Redesign, launch and maintain an attractive, relevant, high quality website.
  • Increase media relations to advance APS Core Values.

Committee Members & Terms:

  • The Chair is appointed by Council and serves a three year term, with future terms at the discretion of Council and a one-time maximum re-appointment.
  • Committee Members appointed for three-year terms, with a one-time maximum re-appointment. Terms will be staggered to ensure institutional memory.

Thomas D. Scholz, MD (Term: 5/2018 – 5/2021)

Michael Cabana, MD, MPH (Term 5/2018 – 2021)
Valerie Charlton (Term 5/2018 – 2021)
Michael DeBaun, MD, MPH (Term: 5/2018-2021)
Peter J. Hotez, MD, PhD (Term: 5/2016 – 5/2019)
Akhil Maheshwari MD (Term: 5/2017 – 5/2020)
Barbara Ostrov, MD (Term 5/2018 – 2021)
Michael A. Portman, MD (Term: 5/2018 – 5/2021)