• Ensure that APS has a strong identity at the PAS meeting by sponsoring state-of-the-art invited science presentations, academic leadership development activities, networking and exchange of ideas among current and future APS members.

Functions & Responsibilities:

  • Establish an “APS Day” within the PAS meeting that features robust, high quality, well-attended scientific programming led by and identified with PAS.

Committee Members & Terms:

  • The Chair is appointed by Council, with the goal to have the position filled with the current APS Secretary/Treasurer and held during the Secretary/Treasurer’s five-year term on APS Council.
  • Committee Members appointed for three-year terms, with a one-time maximum re-appointment. Terms will be staggered to ensure institutional memory.

Clifford Bogue (Term ends May 2024)

Steven Abman, MD (APS President) (Term ends May 2021)
Mary Leonard, MD, MS (APS President-elect) (Term ends May 2022)
Vineet Bhandari, MD, DM (Term ends May 2021)
David Cornfield, MD (Term ends May 2021)
Jennifer Read, MD (Term ends May 2022)