Established: November 2011


  • Harness the powerful voice of scholarship to improve child health by advancing evidence-based policies and train, develop, and support the next generation of advocates.


  • Empower our distinguished member leadership in alignment with allied pediatric societies to use policy to advocate for improved child health through academic pediatrics.


  • Establish and charge an APS Advocacy Committee to advance the Core Values and priorities of APS.
  • Establish priorities for approval by Council.
  • Strengthen linkage of APS Advocacy Committee to the Council and to the Pediatric Policy Council (PPC).
  • Align priorities to available advocacy resources through AAP Department of Federal Affairs Washington Office.
  • Establish concrete outcomes and timelines for tracking and accountability.
  • Launch communications and media relations plan to promote advocacy agenda to internal and external audiences and engage members in advancing priorities.
  • Develop an Advocacy “Focus Page” for website with monthly updates.
  • Develop with the Communication Committee a clear, value-added advocacy communication process going forward.


  • Call to members to serve.
  • Committee members must be APS members.
  • Members selected by Council and Chair(s).
  • Council Liaison to serve during their tenure as a Councilor.

Co-Chair Terms/Limits:

  • Staggered Co-chair terms.
  • Chairs appointed by Council.
  • Chairs serve a 3-year term.
  • One Chair or designee serves on the Nichols Award Selection Committee.
  • Chairs future term is at the discretion of Council.
  • Chairs can serve a maximum of 1 consecutive term.

Member Terms/Limits:

  • Members serve a 3-year term.
  • Terms will be staggered to ensure institution memory.
  • Members can serve a maximum of 1 consecutive term.


  • Duration is approximately one (1) hour or as needed for agenda.
  • Meetings are biannually, quarterly, or as needed.
  • Quorum is not necessary.

Current Committee:

David Keller, MD (Term: Co-Chair 2018–2021, 2021-2024)
Lisa Chamberlain, MD (Term: Co-Chair 2021-2024)

Council Liaison
Susan Baker, MD (Term: 2019–2024)

Carol Berkowitz, MD (Term: 2023-2026)
Cindy Christian, MD (Term: 2022-2025)
Matthew Davis, MD, MAPP (Term: Co-Chair 2018-2021, Member 2021-2024)
Charles Irwin, MD (Term 2023-2026)
Jeffrey Kaczorowski, MD (Term 2023-2026)
Henry Lee, MD (Term: 2022-2025)
Scott Lorch, MD (Term: 2021-2024)
Thomas Scanlin, MD (Term: 2022-2025)
Mark Schleiss, MD (Term: 2022-2025)
Roberta G. Williams, MD (Term: 2018–2021, 2021-2024)